Pictured above: The Weiherman Family Farm  (DeKalb County)

The Weiherman Family history is under construction. Lineage needs to be charted, connections refined, immigration established and records organized. The Table of Contents (see below) will begin to fill as data, pictures, trees and stories are added. Participation in this project is welcome. A big thank you to my cousin Dorothy (Dot) Rissman MacKay for getting me started in developing this part of our famnily tree.

Our effort will begin with this cast of characters taken from the epic, 19th Century drama: ‘Germans Invade DeKalb County’.


Known for their madcap family reunions these rowdy Germans brought down the house at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Hinckley, Illinois. With their father Robert Kopfer’s violin leading the way through some rifs that would make the Charlie Daniels Band jealous and with Great Granny Mary on the organ, the Kopfers certainly gave life to a congregation. Mary Temma was the matriarch of this clan. Her husband Robert Kopfer had passed away in 1908, many years prior to a photo op. Our grandmother Laura Weiherman seems to be photo bombing a family portrait long before photo bombing became chic. Laura united in marriage with John Weiherman nearly one hundred years ago. Cool stuff happened including the lives of many children, grand children, great grandchildren and great great…. into infinity and beyond. For the photos and biographical sketches press ahead.


Trees that I post will include only the children of John and Laura Weiherman and their siblings and predecessors. I will respect the privacy rights of my siblings, cousins and their offspring.

Conrad Temme & Caroline Grimme: 3 Generations of Descendants

Weiherman/Kopfer Family Tree



The German Migration

Weihermans & Kopfers

Laura Clara Lena Kopher

John Mathias (Matthew) Weiherman

Tracking Down the Immigrant Grandparents

Chief’ & ‘Wifey’ Weiherman and Camp Arcadia

Letters From Siberia: 1919



Advert for sale of Robert Kopher’s Farm Property

Last Will and Testament of Robert Kopfer 1908

Last Will and Testament of Conrad Temma 1900



Townships in the Plat Map Research

Part I: Family Farms : Clinton Township, DeKalb Co. IL

Part II: Family Farms: Squaw Grove Township, DeKalb Co. IL

Part III: Family Farm Properties: Victor Twp, DeKalb Co. IL