Anne Hutchison

Connecticut Colonies – 1636


The history of Connecticut is especially relevant to Nancy’s Whittington branch of the family tree. Her ancestors were vital players in the development of the several communities and former, independent colonies within Connecticut, including New Haven Colony. Red dots (Hartford based settlements) especially those on the eastern tip of Long Island were villages established by, among other relatives, Reverend Abraham Pierson. English interests collided with the Dutch interests of the von Couwenhovens (Smith tree) on the west end of Long Island. In 1642, Boston preacher Anne Hutchinson, fled from Puritan persecution in Boston and Rhode Island. She took with her, her numerous children and her extended family. They crossed into New Amsterdam at Rye and set up housekeeping at Split Rock, present day Bronx, New York. Anne and ten of her family were butchered by tribal members in a war that cost Wolphert von Couwenhoven a son. Both Wolphert and Ann Hutchinson are found in our family tree. Wolphert as a Smith grandfather.

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