Welcome to my wife’s family tree. The links on this page lead to the ancestors of Nancy’s mother, Betty Whitington, who married Robert Slaymaker. The Whittington family line includes a variety of characters from the 3rd Century AD to the present day. We find a Mayor of London, aristocratic folks living on manors, kings and queens living in castles, and Cavaliers who flee England when Oliver Cromwell beheads their King Charles I in 1649. The Cavaliers lived in Accomack and established an independent kingdom. They were plantation owners wheeling and dealing in tobacco, serving in the Virginia House of Burgess and arranging peace treaties with leaders of the First Nation. Some were the children of pirates and explorers, others the Mayflower pilgrims.  From Virginia and New England the ancestors headed over the Appalachian Mountains and settled in the heartland of America. It all began way ‘back in the day’ of Viking Chieftains (325 AD), Norman invaders and William the Conqueror (1066);  Eleanor of Aquitaine, the Plantagenants, and a host of others. The Whittington gateway immigrant, the men who brought the royal blood to America were Obadiah Bruehn and Nathaniel Littleton in the decade of 1630. You will find them along with a cast of characters in this collection.


Chapter 1: A Brief History of What Little I Pretend to Know

Chapter 2: The Early British Kingdoms Prior to Norman Conquest

Chapter 3: Finding the Earliest Ancestors on the Isle of Britain

Chapter 4: The Whittington Castle

Chapter 5: Where it All Began: The Whittington Castle and Fulk III Fitzwarin

Chapter 6: Robin Hood in the Whittington Family Tree

Chapter 7: Contrasting the Tale of Fulk III with that of Robin Hood

Chapter 8: Maud Ingelrica and the Perverel Lineage (Whittington Castle)

Chapter 9: Whittington Castle and Shropshire Roots

Chapter 10: Robert Whittington, 1350 a.d.

 Chapter 11: Whittington Lineage in 1550



Chapter 12: Nathaniel Littleton, Gateway Immigrant to King Edward I

Chapter 13: Colonel Edmund Scarburgh, Bad Guy

Chapter 14: Obadiah Bruen, Gateway Immigrant in New England

Chapter 15: The John Bruen Family of St. Andrews Church, Tarvin

Links to the Royals of Europe

Homes of the Whittington Ancestors: Castles, Chateaus and Manors

Edward Waters, Stranded on Islands, Surviving the Jamestown Massacre

Recent Generations of Whittingtons


THE ROYAL BLOODLINES  [350 a.d. thru 1700 a.d.]

Whittington Links to the Monarchs

The Great Grandparents at Caernarfon Castle

The Slaymaker Link to Robert the Bruce of Scotland

Noble Families in the Whittington Family



WRT16: The Whittington Roots Tour, One Man’s Journal

Appalachian Pioneers in America