Page 2: Delos Parker to Gamaliel Parker 

Generations  through   (1835-1700)

This is page two of the Parker family lineage going back to 1700 where the Parkers and Blakesley families merge. The Parkers were founders of early Connecticut communities along with a number of other hearty pioneers.  The Blakesley boys were hard nosed blacksmiths who owned that neck of land that connects downtown Boston to the rest of the state.  It was worthless farmland so they moved on to Connecticut and let their deed to that neck of land lapse! Needless to say, it is now the high income corridor of Boston.  Little did they know it would be worth a bundle.  For them it was worthless farmland… They did just fine in Connecticut.  The Doolittles were the first to move into the Wilderness of Connecticut beyond the settlement of New Haven and Hartford.  These families were passionate non conformists and wouldn’t even conform to the non conformists!  I could fill in all these blanks with ancestors and will eventually.  I have the brackets completed on  Just haven’t a printer to print out the screen at this time.

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