Ludlow, Shropshire


The Whittington/Littleton link to the Plantagenants takes us from our present day Whittingtons back to line #14 below, Nathaniel Littleton (arriving in Accomack, VA c. 1636). The line of descent from King Edward I, Longshanks, Hammer of the Scots down thru the years to Nathaniel is also shown below. Littletons descend from Longshanks and his second wife, Marguerite. A Sullivan immigrant ancestor, Obadiah Bruehn, our second link to the monarchs, descended from Longshank’s first wife, Eleanor of Castile. We’ll check out the Bruehn lineage later and visit their homeland in Tarvin, England on our journey.

  1. Edward I King of England (1231- 1307) m. Marguerite de France (1279-1318). His name was also “Longshanks, Hammer of the Scots.” Marguerite was a Capetian Family member, daughter of King Philip III of France and Maria de Brabant. Marguerite and Longshanks had a son
  2. Thomas of Brotherton, Earl of Norfolk (1300-1338) m. Alice de Hales. Daughter
  3. Margaret, Duchess of Norfolk (1322-1399) m. John de Segrave (1315-1353)
  4. Elizabeth de Segrave m. John de Mowbray
  5. Joan de Mowbray m. Thomas Gray
  6. John Gray m. Joan Cherleton
  7. Henry Gray m. Antigone of Gloucester
  8. Elizabeth Gray m. Roger Kynaston
  9. Jane Kynaston m. Roger Thornes
  10. John Thornes m. Elizabeth Astley
  11. Richard Thornes m. Margaret Fychan
  12. Alice Thornes m. Rev. John Littleton
  13. Sir Edward Littleton m. Dame Mary Walter
  14. Nathaniel Littleton m. Ann Southy
  15. Southy Littleton m Sarah Bowman
  16. Esther Littleton m William Whittington