Peter Smith of Westmoreland, son of Peter Smith born in Swallowfield, England, died 1791 in Westmoreland VA. Peter Senior’s wife is unknown. Peter had two known sons: James and Peter Smith. Other Smiths in the neighborhood may also descend from Peter Senior.

Peter Smith of Westmoreland, identified himself as Peter Smith of Yeocomico in order to separate himself out from another Peter Smith residing in the county. Peter’s birthdate is unknown but has been estimated as 1663, based on birthdates of his children and property transactions. His wife is believed to be Mary Bayly. While no record of their marriage is found, he does appear in the will of her father, Stephen Bayly (aka Bailey).  The name ‘Bailey’ appears often as a first or middle name in the Smith tree in the century after Peter’s death.

Peter and Mary Smith had the following children, per the last will and testament of Peter Smith (1741):

James Simpson
Moses F.
John Bailey
Pressley Wheeler
William Wigginton
Elias Guess
Aaron Fairfax
Jesse W.
Martha (Patsey)