Ludlow, Shropshire


  1. King John (Lackland) of England (1166-1216) and Clemence (concubine)
  2. Joan Plantagenet (1190-1237)  m  Llewelyn the Great (1173-1240)
  3. Gwenllian ferch Llewelyn (120-1290)  m  Domhall van Mar
  4. Isabella Matilda van Mar  m  Robert the Bruce (1274-1329)
  5. Marjorie de Bruce (1296-1316) m Walter Stewart
  6. Robert II Stewart (1316-1390) m Elizabeth Mar
  7. King Robert III Stewart (1336-1406) m Annabelle Drummond
  8. John Stewart of Black Hall (1362-1445) m Elizabeth Graham
  9. Margaret Stewart m Duncan Campbell (1390-1453)
  10. Duncan Campbell (1431-1462) m (of Argyllshire)
  11. Dugald Campbell (1457-1497) m Agnes Lamont (of Auchenbreck, Argyll)
  12. Dugald Campbell (1475-1565)  m Margaret Campbell
  13. Duncan Campbell ( 1500-1594) (of Auchenbreck)
  14. Patrick Campbell of Inverary (1530-1592) m Christian Barney
  15. Hugh Campbell (1560-1612) m Mary Graham
  16. Andrew Campbell of Argyllshire (1609-1689) m Mary Richh
  17. Duncan Campbell (1645-1727) m Mary McCoy
  18. Mary Campbell (1704-1728) m Moses White (1696-1757)
  19. William White (1720-1785) m Jane Huston
  20. Elizabeth White m John Slaymaker (1730-1796)
  21. John Slaymaker (1772-1817) m Jeanette McIlvaine
  22. James Slaymaker (1807-1848) m Jane McIlvaine
  23. William D. Slaymaker (1839-1919) m Martha Curry
  24. John Curry Slaymaker (1870-1946) m Ida May Drury
  25. Bruce Isaac Slaymaker (1904-1980) m Josephine Parker
  26. Robert Bruce Slaymaker m Betty Jane Whitington

For the complete scoop on Robert the Bruce. If you watched the movie Braveheart, please forget everything you learned about anyone or any event depicted. It was all fiction.

Llywellen the Great was to Wales as Robert the Bruce was to Scotland, waging war against England and gaining independence for Wales. Keep in mind that his wife Joan was the daughter of English King John (Lackland).  When King John invaded Welsh lands in Gwynedd, Llywellen had to take a stand against his in laws. When John died in 1216, Llywellen continued his quest for independence in taking on his brother in law, King Henry III and the Marcher Lords. His daughter, Gwenllen, was a Welsh hero in ger own right and worthy of her own page in this anthology.