James Smith, Son of Peter and Mary Bailey Smith of Westmoreland Va was born circa 1706 in Westmoreland County Va. His birth year is disputed among those of us who pretend to know the facts when we can’t find the evidence! He married Elizabeth Presly Taylor. Her origins are also subject to dispute. Was she a Presly or a Taylor? Both families were knotted up in wealth, power, influence, tobacco, race horses, and summer migraines. James lived on a plantation of at least 325 acres on Bull Run which was given to him in the will of his father Peter (1741). He didn’t have long to enjoy it.  The will of James (1749) was proven (probate) in September, 1751. ‘Upon the demise’ of James, Elizabeth Smith then married to James Lamman (aka: Landman in records).

Peter and Elizabeth had the following known children:

  • Charlotte
  • Isaac Major Smith
  • Elizabeth Smith
  • Peter Smith (of Round Hill)
  • Anne Smith
  • William Bailey Smith
  • John Smith
  • Presley Smith
  • Nancy Ann Smith