Ancestors of: Phillip Williams and Eliza Moore 

Page 3: Generations 6 – 10 (1705 thru 1888)

The names on this chart are commonly found in the history of colonial Virginia, from the earliest day of the colony. They show up in family wills, deeds, court cases. They fight in the Revolutionary War, they establish frontier fortresses in the wilderness. These names show up in the history books written at the time but have been forgotten in the course of time. Do you know what it means when you see Holston and Wautauga along side the names of James Williams and Kiziah Brooks in 1705? John Williams in (b. 1705) was a merchant making a living as a Blue Ridge Over Mountain Trader. Anne Pittillo lived in the mountains with her Scottish father “The Scotsman” Pittillo. These guys were mountaineers 60 years before the Revolutionary War. Wautauga was an independent country that shared the continent with the 13 colonies. Our ancestors had their own private country for awhile, living among the Native Americans.

This chart has some really cool history in it.  Look at the diverse area covered.  This shows the flow of the Celtic blood from Wales and Scotland through the Carolinas into Wautauga and Tennessee and into the Shenandoah from Westmoreland and Stafford Counties, Virginia. You know something was happening to create this wave effect.

williams chart