1638: Chapter 1 Scotland

  1638: St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland Jenny Geddes sat, perched on her three legged stool on the vast floor of the Presbyterian cathedral. The few pews of the palatial church...

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Chapter 3: Finding the Earliest Ancestors in the British Isles

It is always a challenge to find out how far a person can delve into the past and locate a grandparent from whom we descend. The question has arisen in...


Chapter 5: Whittington Castle and Fulk III fitz Warin

So. The Whittington family history often begins with a guy named Dick Whittington, a famous Mayor of London in the 14th century. But he didn’t have any children who carried...


Chapter 6: Finding Robin Hood in the Whittington Family Tree

The Romantic Tale of Fulk III fitz Warin (of Whittington Castle) Robin Hood is alive and well and living in your Whittington family tree, despite the fact that he never...


Chapter 7: Contrasting the Tale of Fulk and that of Robin Hood

Author Fouke le Fitz Waryn is an ancestral romance or chronicle that focused on the fortunes of a single family from the time of the Norman Conquest to the thirteenth...


Chapter 8: Maud ‘Athelida’ De Ingelrica

Maud ‘Athelida’ De Ingelrica:  1032-1100 Greater London, England Resided in: Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England Maude ‘Athelida’ de Ingelrica, was the daughter of a powerful Saxon nobleman, Prince Ingelric of England,...

Ludlow, Shropshire

Chapter 9: Whittington Castle and Shropshire Family Roots

Present day Whitington family members are descended from prominent families in the Midlands of England, especially Shropshire. The Whittington, Littleton and Walter families played significant roles in the governance of the...

Ludlow, Shropshire

WRT16 Complete Table of Contents

Table of Contents The following links review the family history of the Whittington, Sullivan and Smith branches of our family tree. Characters found in the pages below appeared in the annals of history...

Ludlow, Shropshire

WRT16: the Whittington Roots Tour 2016

The Whittington Roots Tour 2016, completed in September, was an unparalleled success. Unparalled because we had never done one before. We made the journey ostensibly to find our ancient ancestors,...


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