Page 2: The Whittington Family Link to Phillip ‘Buck Spike’ Williams 1755-1848

and the Cherokee Nation

Generations 2 through 7 (2000-1755)

The Family Line leading back to Phillip ‘Buck Spike’ Williams. He would be my son’s Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather.  Was that 6 greats?  I hope so.  Another way to write that would be 6 times great or 6 x great or my favorite ‘grrrrrreat’ grand father or ggf6 …..  it gets ridiculous when you hang around people like me.  I do like finding characters like ‘Buck Spike’ in the family tree. It is through either his wife (Running Fawn) or his mother (Floating Cloud), or both, that we find the Whittington link to Cherokee ancestry. There is some debate on the topic.

Buck Spike Pedigreejpeg

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