Whittington Ancestors in Accomack, Virginia

Page 2: Generations 6 through 10 (1620-1790)

It is at this point that some famous players in the background of Colonial history begin to show up (Wishart, Taylor, Anderson to name a few . The Whittington family marries into the Littleton line (#16 and #17 on this page). That marriage brought together an enormous amount of colonial wealth and two families with a long British history (both Welsh and English). The tree begins to leave Accomac circa 1750 as siblings subdivide estates and cross the Potomoc River into Somerset, Maryland. The Great Migration of colonial families is depicted on this chart as you note the sweep on the right in Virginia to the left across the page into Maryland, Pennsylvania (briefly) and Kentucky.  Please note the marriage of Charles Whittington to Hester Warner, she of the famous Warner line. Google Augustine Warner some time and see if you can find a President hiding among his descendants. He jumps out like a white wig at Valley Forge.

pedigree_chart accomack