The Smith Family Pedigree Chart With Links to Various Branches 1550-2016

Steve Smith  son of James Donald Smith (1922-2003) and Doris Weiherman (1923-1978)

Doris Weiherman daughter of John Weiherman (1890-1945) and Laura Kopfer (1893-1981)

2. James D. Smith son of Lebanon Ferris Smith (1883-1972) and Mary Ann Hughes (1884-1979)

Mary Hughes daughter of John Benedict Hughes (1854-1911) and Margaret Banks (1855-1897)

3. Lebanon F. Smith son of James Monroe Smith (1846-1906) and Jane Stilley (1844-1927)

Jane Stilley daughter of William Davis Stilley (1819-1890) and Nancy Swofford (1820-1888)

4. James M. Smith son of Peter Smith of Posey (1803-1870) and Matilda Montgomery (1808-1874)

Matilda Montgomery daughter of James Montgomery 1783-1826) and Nancy Cook (1784-1850)

5. Peter Smith of Posey, son of George Rudolphus Smith (1772-1840) and Lydia Tate (1772-1810)

Lydia Tate daughter of Zaccheus Tate (1742-1778) and Lydia Simpson (1745-1798)

6. George R. Smith son of Peter Smith (1734-1797) of Round Hill and Jemima Kincheloe Simpson (1743-1793)

Jemima K. Simpson daughter of George Simpson (1727-1782) and Susannah Wheeler (1725-1782)

7. Peter Smith of Round Hill, son of James Smith (1708-1749) and Elizabeth Presley Taylor (1700-1771)

Elizabeth P. Taylor daughter of John Taylor (1674-1748) and Elizabeth Presley (1678-1748)

8. James Smith son of Peter Smith(1670-1741) of Westmoreland and Mary Bayley (1668-)

Mary Bayley daughter of Stephen Bayley (1662-1696) and Elizabeth Walker (1666-1697)

9. Peter Smith son of Peeter Smith (d. 1691) and Jane Barnes

And it is here that the evidence runs out and speculation begins.  Who was Peeter Smith and is he the father of Peter of Westmoreland? Was Jane Barnes the mother of Peter of Westmoreland and wife of Peeter? For more discussion of these loose ends follow this link.