Ancestors of: Laurel Sullivan and Clifford Whittington 

Page 1: Generations 1 through 6 (1790-1975)

This pedigree chart shows the generations of Whittingtons and Sullivans leading back into the early 1800s. Both lines descend from European Royal blood. A lot of people like to find that in their family tree. The Royals were pretty busy populating the Earth, so it is not surprising we find descendants in a lot of pedestrian and proletarian places these days.  But still, it is fun to find them hiding in the closets.  Some of them literally! The Whittington line marries the Littleton line with the marriage of Esther Littleton and William Whittington in Tree #2.  For a detailed listing of ancestors leading to King Edward I please click here.

The Sullivan line follows a more circuitous route through the ages from Laurel at 3, to Julia at 7 back through #15, #30 on this page into the Post family. Tree #3 reveals a further trip along that line. An actual line of descent can also be found at this link:

Sullivan 1