Link to Robert the Bruce and British Royalty

LINK TO ROBERT THE BRUCE, KING OF SCOTLAND and BRITISH ROYALTY King John (Lackland) of England (1166-1216) and Clemence (concubine) Joan Plantagenet (1190-1237)  m  Llewelyn the Great (1173-1240) Gwenllian ferch...


Whittington Links to the Royals of Europe

WHITTINGTON FAMILY TREE See also: Homes of our Ancestors: Castles, Chateaus and Manors One of my favorite characters in my wife Nancy’s family tree is Herleva of Falaise, the mother of...


Family Tree #1 : Whittington/Sullivan (1790-1975)

Ancestors of: Laurel Sullivan and Clifford Whittington  Page 1: Generations 1 through 6 (1790-1975) This pedigree chart shows the generations of Whittingtons and Sullivans leading back into the early 1800s. Both lines...


Family Tree #2 : Whittingtons in Accomack

Whittington Ancestors in Accomack, Virginia Page 2: Generations 6 through 10 (1620-1790) It is at this point that some famous players in the background of Colonial history begin to show up (Wishart, Taylor,...


Family Tree #3: Whittingtons & Littletons in Accomack

Whittington/Littleton Ancestors in Accomack Page 3: Generations 9 Through 13 (1687 -1580)  


Family Tree #4: Osborne Line: Founding Fathers in New England

Page 2 of the Sullivan line:  The New England Roots of our Sullilvan/Osborne Heritage Generations 1 through 11 (1961-1620) This Family Tree is remarkable for the number of historical figures found in...


Family Tree #6: Whittington Link to ‘Buck Spike’ Williams and the Cherokee

Page 2: The Whittington Family Link to Phillip ‘Buck Spike’ Williams 1755-1848 and the Cherokee Nation Generations 2 through 7 (2000-1755) The Family Line leading back to Phillip ‘Buck Spike’ Williams....


Family Tree #7: Williams/Combs (1705-1888)

Ancestors of: Phillip Williams and Eliza Moore  Page 3: Generations 6 – 10 (1705 thru 1888) The names on this chart are commonly found in the history of colonial Virginia, from...


Family Tree #8: Slaymaker/Parker Tree

Page 1: Josephine Parker Family Line (2000-1835) The most recent generations beginning with Delos Parker and his cousin Mary Eleanor Parker who settled in Garden Plain along with the grandfather....


Family Tree #9: Slaymaker/Parker Tree

Page 2: Delos Parker to Gamaliel Parker  Generations  through   (1835-1700) This is page two of the Parker family lineage going back to 1700 where the Parkers and Blakesley families...